Art and greenery in Houston

The gently flowing Buffalo Bayou river is Houston’s main waterway. But it also plays another important role: along the Bayou runs a promenade connecting the city’s theatre district with Buffalo Bayou Park. At the end of the last decade, the boulevard was thoroughly renovated.

Arts & Culture
The new pedestrian bridge

The new pedestrian bridge

An artistic park

Art plays an important role in the green landscape. The eye-catching steel boats – sculptures by local celebrity John Runnels – are just one of the many landmarks you can enjoy. The pedestrian bridge that connects the 2 banks of the promenade also attracts attention. The steel and concrete structure of the bridge is lit up and the construction materials are embedded with a variety of art. The view from the water is even better and landscape architects have equipped the park with several landings from where you can launch a canoe or kayak.

Spontaneous sculptures

In 1987, when local artists began a spontaneous exhibit at an old farmer’s market in the centre of the city, they had no idea they were creating a new local tradition. Today there is even a Buffalo Bayou Artpark. Every spring the city’s green space gains a new collection of 20 to 25 pieces of art, many of which are sculptures, and a large number of these works end up on the shores of the Buffalo Bayou for people to enjoy. The event has gone beyond showcasing the work of local talent; even internationally renowned artists contribute to the Artpark.

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