California Lighthouse

The California Lighthouse is a 30-metre-high lighthouse on the north-western tip of Aruba. Now that modern technology has made the original function of the lighthouse obsolete, it primarily serves as a beacon for tourists, who like to come down to his part of Aruba to enjoy the spectacular views of the island. An added plus is that there is always a refreshing ocean breeze to cool you off.

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The Hudishibana plateau

The Hudishibana plateau

Born of tragedy

A terrible tragedy took place just off the coast of Aruba on 23 September 1891. On this fateful night, the steam ship the S.S. California was unable to navigate safely around the island; without the warning light of a lighthouse, the ship did not stand a chance and tragically sank in the Caribbean waters. It was not until 2 decades later that Aruba began constructing a lighthouse. To commemorate the fateful incident, it was named after the ship, which is how the Caribbean island of Aruba ended up with a lighthouse named after a British ship that, in turn, was named after an American state. Furthermore, the name of the location of the lighthouse – the Hudishibana plateau – is of Indian origin. Numerous international influences can be seen everywhere on Aruba and it is thus only appropriate that the lighthouse attracts visitors from around the world.

Lobster risotto or coconut?

Next to the lighthouse stands the building that originally functioned as the lighthouse keeper’s house. However, now that the lighthouse has lost its original function, the house has been expanded and converted into an Italian restaurant that is extremely popular. Take in a beautiful sunset in style while enjoying lobster risotto with a glass of good Prosecco at the La Trattoria el Faro Blanco Restaurant. Alternatively, you can get some snacks from the stands, such as a delicious coconut – drunk first with a straw and then eaten with a spoon: a refreshing and delightful tropical treat.

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