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From croissants to a cathedral on an island

A lively, culinary and medieval city packed with cultural attractions. Book a flight to Poznań and visit the old town square with its colourful houses and medieval buildings. Alternatively, wander around the charming old town, Stare Miasto. Lake Malta is on the outskirts of the city and a fantastic place for water sports or relaxing in nature.

A culinary, cultural hotspot

Poznań is wonderful and just a little off the beaten track. Admire impressive Polish art in Poznań’s National Museum or wander around the Jeżyce to see distinctive street art. Foodies will adore the traditional Polish eateries with dishes such as Pyzy (meat and potato dumplings) and Rosól (traditional meat stew). The Croissant Museum, dedicated to traditional Polish croissants, is also a unique place to visit. Not only is Poznań the ideal destination for weekend holidays, it’s also a perfect starting point for a longer vacation in Poland. Treat yourself: book a flight to Poznań now!

Book a flight to Poznań

The city hall and its goats

Poznań is known for being the historic capital of Greater Poland. The old town is a popular district where you’ll find the Ratusz with its unique facade in the middle of the square. Every day at noon, two goats appear above the clock to signal the hour. Poznań’s History Museum is inside the city hall building. The oldest part of Poznań is Ostrów Tumski, an island surrounded by the Warta and Cybina rivers. Here you’ll find Poland’s oldest cathedral where Mieszko I, the first duke of Poland, is buried.

Flights to Poznań for a unique holiday

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